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5 Bathroom Fixes You Can Cross Off Your ToDo List This Weekend

It’s no great secret that prospective buyers take their time looking at every room within a home when searching for the property that will best meet their needs. But one of the most important rooms that will likely sway their decision is the bathroom.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the bathroom is portrayed in the best light possible. Even more important is the way the room is presented when prospective buyers come to visit in-person. The last thing you want is to scare them away with an old, dingy bathroom.

Here are five quick fixes you can tackle this weekend to create a truly updated space.

1. Replace the Vanity. When it comes to bathroom vanities, wood is out. The problem with wood is that the color tends to fade over time. If you don’t have the money to replace your outdated vanity with a newer one, consider giving it a facelift with a coat of paint. Whether you go with a clean white or a color that complements the tub, a fresh coat of paint will give the room a more cohesive look. Bringing in a new vanity will provide more counter space and better storage solutions as designs have changed to reflect the changing needs of the modern bathroom.

2. Clean the Tile. Have the hundreds of jaded tiles that cover the floor-and more than half the bathroom walls-become an eyesore? It’s easy to add life to a tiled floor or wall with an eco-friendly acid etcher that removes ground-in dirt from the surface and grout lines. A little elbow grease can make the tile look like new again.

3. Add Racks. A small hook on the back of the bathroom door for hanging wet towels is a great addition to any bathroom, but if you’re looking to fully take advantage of the space, it’s time to get creative. For example, a wooden coat rack is perfect for hanging robes, towels and bathing suits. Not only will this increase the amount of storage space within the bathroom, it’ll also add a note of originality.

4. Replace Fixtures. Bathroom fixtures not only become outdated quickly, they can also lose some of their luster over time. Replacing fixtures is an easy (and inexpensive) way to give your bathroom a more polished look. Go to your local home improvement store and find some cabinet handles or faucets made out of brushed nickel or other metals that are polished and elegant.

5. Replace Lighting. Bathrooms are notorious for lacking in the light department, so incorporating new lighting options-especially around the vanity-can go a long way toward creating a brighter space. Additional lighting is also a great way to highlight the room’s positive features. You may also want to consider the addition of mood lighting around the tub area.

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