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Flood Insurance Changes Affecting Jefferson Parish And St Bernard Parish

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Flood insurance changes are occurring in our area. 

If you haven’t noticed on the news or any other social media avenues, there has been some flood insurance policy changes that are going into affect.

Jefferson Parish

In Jefferson Parish, there was a Flood Map change that went into effect on Feb 3rd, 2018. The change will directly affect 60,000+ homes, which are being rezoned from an AE flood zone to an X flood zone. This is fantastic news for Jefferson Parish residence that are directly affected by the change. The rezoning will have a direct impact on those homeowners pocketbooks, by directly reducing the rate they pay for flood insurance.

St. Bernard Parish

Similarly, St. Bernard Parish updated their flood maps back in December of 2017. If you are a St. Bernard resident and you received a notice in the mail about the flood maps changing and it affecting you, please reach out to your flood insurance provider to see how these flood insurance changes could be saving you money.

The Skinny On Flood Map Changes

If your flood home falls in an area where the flood map has been updated from an AE flood zone to an X flood zone, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars annually.  Flood insurance rates are determined according to the “risk” of your home flooding within a certain geographical area. Homes located in an AE zone are deemed more “risky” than homes located in an X zone.

If you home is located in one of the parishes that recently updated their flood maps, be sure to call your flood insurance provider to see how the changes have affected you personally.

Flood policies are pro-rated. If you live in St. Bernard Parish and paid your flood premium in September of 2017, you would be due a refund, since the the flood maps changed in December. You would need to call your flood insurance agent directly and ask them about how the flood map changes have affected your home and what your new rate is for your property.

Monthly Savings You Can Expect

If you live in an area where the flood maps have changed from an AE to an X the impact of these changes will directly affect you monthly in the form of savings on your mortgage payment (if you escrow your insurances in your monthly payments).

The recent flood map changes will bring savings to a lot of St. Bernard and Jefferson Parish families.

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