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Home Warranties And Why They Are Important

Buyers always ask me, what is a home warranty and why do I need that. Well there are pros and cons to everything of course. Here is my rundown as to why I believe a home warranty is important. Reason #1: I suggest home warranties to my buyers because unless you are buying a new construction home, the home does not come with warranties. That means, once you purchase a home, you cannot got to the seller and ask for repairs. You sign the papers and the house is yours! Reason#2: When you purchase a resale home, you will also purchase resale appliances. That means, if the home is 5 years old, so is the stove, dishwasher, hot water heater, a/c, and so on. Most of these items are out of manufacture warranty. So, if they break or if it’s a lemon you are now responsible for repairing. Who has the money for this right? We suggest purchasing a home warranty because not only does it give you coverage for your home it also gives you piece of mind. Home warranties initially last for 1 year, but you can extend them every year if you choose to. Most of the time, a seller is okay with purchasing this for you. (Of course if the sales price is right) Sometimes, homes already have a home warranty on them. If you would like more information on home warranties please give us a call anytime 985-778-2525. The agents here at The Robin Realty Group of Keller Williams are highly educated on the ins and outs of this program.

Author: Tiffani Robin
Phone: 504-339-6999
Dated: July 2nd 2013

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