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How To Protect Your Louisiana Home In Winter Weather

Hear from Tiffani Robin, local Real Estate expert, on what to do to protect your Louisiana home during winter weather.

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How to BEST protect your home when it comes to Louisiana’s Winter Weather…

Cover your pipes outside. Faucets, water spickets, any exposed pipes need to be covered to prevent freezing and bursting.  PRO TIP: Home Depot or Lowes sells foam for pipes and spicket covers to protect them during cold weather.

Cover your Well. If you have a well that services your water, you will want to cover it with a blanket to prevent it from freezing. PRO TIP: Put a heat lamp on the Well to keep in the warmth overnight.

Bring your pets indoors. It is too cold for pets, so be sure to bring them into the garage at least, or provide them with blankets and heat lamps to keep your animals nice and cozy as well.

Bring in your potted plants and cover your shrubs. If you have potted plants in your garden, be sure to bring them inside so that you don’t lose them in the freeze.  Cover your shrubs or perennials with blankets over night, or you may have to replace them after the freeze.

Run your pool pump overnight. If you have a pool, run your pump during the nighttime hours so that water is running through those pipes and will not freeze up from being stagnant.

Run your faucets indoors (drip).  Let your faucets drip overnight to allow a constant flow of water overnight to prevent freezing. PRO TIP: Run your dishwasher overnight via delayed start to keep the hot water flowing through the pipes.

If you have any questions about how to take care of your Louisiana Home, be sure to give us a call at 985-778-2525.

Looking to buy a Louisiana Home? Click here to search all currently available homes for sale.

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