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Why Waiting To Sell In The Spring May Not Pay Off

Why Waiting To Sell Your Home In The Spring May Not Pay Off

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If you ask any seller, when they are thinking about selling their home, MOST will tell you they are waiting for Spring.

There is a big misconception that “Spring is always the best market” for selling a home.

The real question is WHY are you waiting for Spring when January’s market is here and your competition is LOW.

When you wait to list your home for sale in the Spring, you position your home to compete against thousands of homes, when you could be tapping into the same buyer pool today and only competing against hundreds of homes.

Why are you waiting to compete against more homes in the spring?

At Robin Realty, our favorite day of the year to take calls is January 1st, because the phones ring off the hook! Buyer’s are ALWAYS out and about in abundance as they can’t wait to start on their New Year’s Resolution to purchase a home. Make sure you position your home to be found in their searches!

The time to list your home is NOW.

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