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We currently have a surplus of buyer and seller leads & need help NOW!!!!
1 Or 2 Capable Agents Wanted, You’ll Get
Lots of Buyer Leads (with real phone numbers 50%+ of the time)
Lots of Seller Leads (with follow up direct mail campaigns automatically mailed for you.)
A Sophisticated IDX/CRM Package that’ll save you lots of time and help you close more deals, almost on autopilot.

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How many Internet leads have you closed in the last year?:
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If you get good results, would you be willing to invest your own money in more leads?:

A Note From Our Owner

The Robin Group of Keller Williams Realty focuses on leveraging each other’s strengths to provide exceptional service while maximizing each team member’s talents. In a company where entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking are the driving factors of our success, we welcome industry leaders who challenge the norms and are looking to take their business to new heights.

We have established systems that allow our agents to work from a pool of qualified clients looking for homes. From there, our Closing Department completes the process all the way to the closing table allowing our agents to spend more time with other qualified clients.

Over the last 7 years we have worked with the national experts and real estate coaches to create the best scripts and dialogs as well as additional resources that allow our agents to close more transactions than the top 20% of all real estate agents. We are right on the front lines with you.
Next Steps

In 2016, the Robin Group will serve over 225 families throughout the New Orleans metro areas including both the northshore and southshore. We are ranked as one of the top teams in the state. If you’re driven for success and want your career to be catapulted to the next level then follow the steps below and apply now!

Want to learn more about joining our team or just have questions about becoming Realtor? Want to learn how Tiffani made over $165,000 her first full year in real estate? Email us at or click the link here!